Demolition & Miscellaneous




Who:     U.S. Government


Where:  Barksdale AFB- Shreveport, Louisiana


When:   April, 1996 to September, 1996


Size:     $1,200,000.00

Project History #2


Earth Burners was awarded Contract No. N62467-95-C-0796 for the construction of a new fueling system at Barksdale AFB.


The system is for fueling government vehicles and B-52 Bomber support vehicles. The project consisted of installing six double wall, FRP USTs with a total of 100,000 gallons of capacity of four (4) products (gasoline, diesel, JP-8, De-icer). New double wall FRP piping was installed to a total of ten (10) dispensers and four (4) bulk handling pumps. More than two miles of underground piping were placed ranging in size from 2” to 6”. The new bulk product handling rack had operating rates of 325 gpm.


Mechanical requirements included Gorman Rupp centrifugal pumps, Liquid Control flow meter, OCV electric solenoid and truck loading two stage control valves, and vapor recovery systems. The entire system was monitored for high level, low level, and product and water infiltration into interstices and sumps. Scheduled interruptions were limited to a total of seven days. The government required an extensive quality control program by the Contractor to reduce rework items and omissions.








Who:     Cooper Industries


Where:  Diamond Tool- Duluth, MN


When:   December 1995 to October 1996


Size:     $400,000.00

Project History #6


Diamond Tool and Horseshoe Plant closed in 1995. Cooper Industries scheduled the plant for demolition during the 1995/1996 winter. Earth Burners completed demolition to ground level during the winter that included 600 tons of scrap steel, 10,000 cubic yards of concrete/masonry rubble plus debris/rubble disposal. Environmental concerns included asbestos removal and disposal, heavy metal contaminated oils/greases, PCB contaminated transformers and contaminated soils.
After structure demolition, Phase II began with floor slab removal. Phase II encountered unknown USTs. We excavated test pits to determine contamination boundaries.


Earth Burners constructed a 34,000 gallon water treatment and handling system on the site to process contaminated groundwater. We recycled concrete/masonry rubble for beneficial use. EBI crushed the stockpiled material on site and reused it as backfill.









Who:     US Steel/USX


Where:  Former USS/USX Works- Duluth, MN


When:   January 1996 to October 1999


Size:     $1,000,000.00

Project History #7


Terry Anderson, the Vice President of EBI was a crew foreman during the first phase of the decommision/demolition of the US Steel/USX plant during the 1980’s.


Over three years EBI was the sole contractor for the demolition of the wire mill plant. EBI designed and operated a water treatment system to treat the water discharging out of the pond into the St. Louis River. The system ran 24 hours a day for about 18 months at an operating capacity of 90 gallons per minute. The system used carbon filtration as the means of treating the water.


During the summer of 1999 EBI was hired to excavate coke oven gas lines and remove the residual coal tar from inside the pipes. The pipes were made of cast iron and ranged in size from 10” to 36”. More than 1,600 tons of coal tar impacted soils were excavated and disposed of. Approximately 60 cubic yards of coal tar were recovered from the pipes. EBI recovered, treated and disposed of approximately 90,000 gallons of water.








Who:     Interlake Corporation and Duluth Tar


Where:  Superfund Site- Duluth, MN


When:   April 1996 to November 1996


Size:     $1,500,000.00

Project History #7a


Interlake Corporation and Duluth Tar were two responsible parties named in this Superfund Site. The site was heavily contaminated with coal tars and contained PAH contaminated soils. Earth Burners successfully negotiated contracts with both companies to perform construction activities during 1996.


The Interlake portion of the cleanup had four (4) separate construction projects: dredging, soil treatment, soil handling and remedial system installation.


The preferred disposal method for these soils was landfilling.


Earth Burners was awarded two (2) phases of the project: soil handling and remedial system installation. EBI was in charge of all construction prior to clean up activities; including construction of decontamination facilities, stockpile facilities, site clearing, utility construction and subsequent demobilization construction. Soil handling for Interlake consisted of excavating and backfilling 50,000 cubic yards of contaminated soil along with soil handling on site. EBI also constructed the groundwater treatment system for this site, which handled 30,000 to 60,000 gallons per month, including disposal.


The Duluth Tar portion of the clean up was limited to approximately 16,000 cubic yards of soil. EBI handled the excavation and loading of the contaminated soil. EBI also completed the restoration of the site.









Who:     Lake Superior School District


Where:  Two Harbors, Minnesota


When:   April-May, 2008


Size:     $60,000.00

Project History #164


EBI was awarded a contract from the Lake Superior School District (ISD #381) for the demolition of the former Two Harbors High School in Two Harbors, Minnesota. The school was constructed in 1937. It covered two city blocks and was three stories high with basement areas in some sections of the building.


Terry Anderson of EBI was hired to supervise and conduct the safe demolition of the structure on a time and material basis. This reduced the cost to the school district as it was able to use its own employees to work on the site once the structure was safely down. This method of demolition saved the school district approximately $600,000.


Construction materials encountered during the demolition included concrete block, steel beams, brick, wood, drywall and concrete. The demolition took place in a residential neighborhood and was completed in two months.





Lake Superior School District (ISD #381)


1640 Hwy. 2
Two Harbors, MN 55616
218 834-8201